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Consignors must register through the MyCM link on this website. All consignors receive 70% of their selling price. Items must be in clean and stain free conditions with no strong odors (mildew, pet, perfume, smoke, etc). Toys must be in working condition with batteries. Instructions on how to tag and drop off/pick up will be sent by email once registered for sale. 
Please keep seasonal clothing and items in mind for this sale. 
Clothing can be any size and any brand from newborn/preemie to teenager to maternity to adult! We also accept shoes of any brand and size. If the size is listed in the chart, we will take it as long as it's not stained, worn out, or torn.

We will not be accepting any household items at this time. 

Consignor Information: About Us

Supplies Needed:•Cardstock or thick paper and a printer•Safety Pins or Tagging Gun•Masking tape and/or packing tape•Hangers•Zip ties •Rubber bands
•Printing Tags 
After logging all items into the MYCM website, you can then go in and print all your tags. Logging of items closes a week before the sale starts, but you will be able to print tags up until the night before drop off.Select tags that you would like to print and click print; you should get 8-10 tags per sheet.Cut each tag and place it on your items with a safety pin, tagging gun, or tape.It’s best if you have a good printer, not low on ink, to print your tags. The barcodes you are printing must be readable by the scanner and free of “bleeding” and if you are using a color printer please choose “black and white” when printing. If the barcodes are not legible, this will tremendously slow down drop off, check out, and could make our tracking of your sales less accurate.Tags can be printed on regular typing paper or cardstock. If you don’t have a printer or access to a printer, the local library or an office type store will be able to print them for you.Once you have printed a tag you cannot make changes on the tag by marking through the information, a new tag must be printed and changed in the system. Otherwise when the item is scanned it will not match what is in our computer.
Please be sure that all snaps are snapped, all buttons are buttoned and all zippers are zipped. This will help you to be sure there are no issues with these parts. Our goal is to sell all your items, so the better your items look the better they’ll sell.All clothing can be hung on hangers with the open end of the hanger pointing to the left. If you do not have clothes on hangers, we may have extras when you check in. All clothing will be hung for the sale or laid on tables, so if we do not have an ample amount of hangers or room to lay out, your clothing may not be on display until we have more hangers or table space available. Hangers will not be returned so when pricing your items, you can price them with the hanger if you feel necessary.Tags should be safety pinned or tagged to the garment’s left shoulder (on your right as you look at the item). Do not use tape or straight pins on clothing. Use large safety pins or a tagging gun to pin on the tags, (no tiny gold pins or straight pins – these are dangerous!), placing the pin horizontally and catching the garment and the tag twice. Please use pant hangers with clips or large safety pins to secure pants to hanger. If you have a set of 2 or more items please use a rubber band to group hangers together. This group must have one price.Please do not include more than 3 clothing items per tag. We understand that some outfits have several coordinating pieces and it’s nice to keep those together but having several hangers rubber banded together makes it difficult to see all those pieces.If your outfit has coordinating socks, hair bows, etc. group these items together in a Ziploc bag and PIN to the garment. 
Be sure all pieces and parts are with the toy.Be sure the toy works – if it needs batteries you must include these. A shopper has no way of knowing if it works and will not buy the item without batteries.If there are loose pieces with the toy, please place those in a Ziploc bag and attach them to the toy with packing tape or run a string thru the bag and tie it on. Lots of little hands will visit our event and they love nothing more to “test” these toys.Secure tag to item with clear packing tape being sure not to cover the barcode and write your consignor number on the bag with the pieces and the item it goes to in case they become separated. *Please check that all pieces are included and the item works.
Clean shoes (wash, wipe down, polish if needed)Pack smaller shoes in clear large Ziploc bags (if they will fit) and pin or tape tag to outside of the bag.If shoes will not fit in Ziploc, pin them together with a zip tie, then pin tag to the shoe string or appropriate spot. You may also use a rubber band to secure the shoes together. If you wash your shoes please be sure they are dry before you put them in a ziploc bag because they can mildew.
•Baby Equipment
Must include batteries. If it does not we will not accept the item.Please wipe them down to remove any dirtMust be free of smells or stainsAttach and include all accessoriesItems such as cribs, pack -n-plays, toddler beds, etc. sell much better if they are set up, so please plan on setting up these items at drop off. This will also let us know that all the pieces are included.Remember to check to see if the item has been recalled.Secure tag with safety pin or with clear packing tape being sure not to cover the barcode.*See note above on toys –
•Bedding and Blankets
Display in large plastic bags (Ziploc or comforter bags and a list of the bedding included can be slid on the inside of the bag.) Tags can be taped on the outside of the bag.
Bags and PursesTags may be pinned on the bag or purse on the strap or on the top so it is noticeable. These tags may get pulled off easily so they can be secured on the safety pin with tape if necessary.
Attach tags to books, DVD’s, games, or puzzle. Board games and puzzles in a box MUST include all associated pieces with the box securely taped shut. Puzzles that are not in a box (such as board puzzles) may be covered with cellophane wrap or press and wrap to keep the pieces in place, or put inside a Ziploc bag with the opening taped closed with clear packing tape, tag attached to the outside. Sets of books can be packaged in ziploc bags or with 2 strong rubber bands as pictured. Secure tag with packing tape being sure not to tape over the bar code *See note above on toys – this applies to games and puzzles

Consignor Information: How To Consign
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