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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how the process works, how to sign up, what happens after you sign up… So I’ll break it down for everyone!! 
First, go to and click “Register to Consign or Volunteer” and that will take you to a new website, My Consignment Manager. This website is where you will get a consignor number and where you will log in to manage your items, print price tags, see what has sold during the sale, and find out what you have left after the sale. You are also able to schedule a drop off appointment and VOLUNTEER!! Shifts for volunteering are generally in 3 or 4 hour increments and you can schedule however many you would like! The more shifts you work, the earlier you shop!   After you register to consign, you can start logging in your items. There are categories for all items and sizes of clothing, shoes, and other accessories. This method may seem time consuming but I will do a tutorial video to show how easy it can be. Please describe the item as well as you can so if a tag is torn off we can easily find it. Tags for clothing will be pinned by safety pin on the top right of item. Shoes will need to be zip-tied (or another method) together with tag attached. Toys, accessories, and such can have tags attached by tape, safety pin, or zip tied. You will have the ability to price these items for whatever you would like, and there will be a place for you to click to drop your item to half price for the Saturday sale. If you would like to pick up your items on Saturday after the sale I will post the times for that at a later date, or you can leave them for donation.  
Once all items are tagged, you are ready to drop off! Please choose a time to drop off on the My Consignment Sale webpage and have all clothing in order by size and organized to the best of your ability. These items will be checked at the drop off appointment for stains, tears, smells, or any other issues. If items are not eligible to sell, you will have the option to leave them for donation or take them with you. Once you drop off your items, you are free to go! You don’t have to be present for the sale, although volunteers are needed and welcomed!! 
I hope this answered any questions you may have. If I’ve left something out or you have any other questions, please reach out and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can. Thank you!

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